Dreadlocks Co. is the place for people who are looking at making their own dreadlocks, improving their dreadlock maintenance routine, or just for those people asking “where do dreadlocks come from?” and “why do people have dreadlocks?” – We’ll answer some of your questions on natural dreadlocking.

If you have your own dreadlocks then please hashtag #DivineDreadlocksTribe on Instagram so we can find you! And If you’d like to learn more about dreadlocking, or even become a professional dread-loctician, then please check-out one of our partner’s courses here.


Why Are Dreadlocks So Popular?

Dreadlocks are so popular not just because they look great, but dreadlocks are so popular because of what they represent. Dreadlocks can represent freedom, individuality, spirit, and so much more to both the wearer and their communities. In some culture, dreadlocks are a strong bonding tool and a sign of their heritage.

Not only is there so much history and meaning behind dreadlocks, but they’re also much easier and even cheaper to maintain than most other hairstyles if you know what you’re doing.


How To Grow Natural Dreadlocks, Without Products.

Unlike some other dreadlocking websites, we’re not here to make money by selling you a bunch of junk products that hurt your hair, wallet, and the environment! We are here to show you what to avoid and where to start your dreadlocking journey.

Achieving the perfect dreads from day one is simply a matter of method, not time! Dreads can either be high maintenance or virtually no maintenance depending on which method is used to create them. Methods that don’t interlock hairs together with a small hook are never instant, and all you will get is the “dread” without the “lock”.

The correct method is called the: “Divine Hand and Hook Method”. It’s 100% eco friendly, requiring no wax or other hair products!


Where Can I Get My Dreadlocks Done?

If you’re trying to find a Loctician, someone who’s trained to make dreadlocks, then look no further than our Loctician Directory. If you don’t feel confident enough to maintain your own dreads, or if you’d like someone to get you started, then our Loctician Directory is a complete list of dread-locticians trained and certified in the natural, product-free, Hand & Hook method of dreadlocking.