Dreadlock Facts & FAQ’s

There are so many ridiculous rumours and misconceptions surrounding dreadlocks, as well as perfectly understandable questions from genuinely interested people. Hopefully this page provides some answers.

Q. Do dreadlocks smell?

A. Only if they’re dirty, just like regular hair. See the next question…

Q. Are dreadlocks dirty?

A. Dreadlocked hair should be washed regularly just like regular hair. The way to wash dreads is by lathering up with your shampoo, and then by squeezing it all out under running water like a sponge. Clean hair will lock up faster than dirty hair. Avoiding products such as wax and opting for methods such as the Divine Hand & Hook Method prevents excessive washing to remove gunk.

Q. Do dreadlocks hurt?

A. No, but they might be uncomfortable the first time you get them locked, depending on how sensitive you are. If you’ve had your ears pierced, you can definitely handle having your hair locked.

Q. Do dreadlocks only work on Africans?

A. Although Africans generally have great hair texture for dreadlocking, any and all hair textures can be locked, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Q. Are dreadlocks high maintenance?

A. Dreadlocks actually end up being less work than more common hairstyles are for most people. Using the Divine Hand & Hook Method, you only need to lock your hair in ever few months. Most people get their hair cut more often!

Q. Do dreadlocks grow slower than regular hair?

A. No! Hair grows at the same rate whether locked or not…. but, as the dreadlocks are, well, dreaded, the actual dreadlocks do gain length slower. Your hair won’t slow its rate of growth.

Q. Does the Hand & Hook method damage hair?

A. No. Not if done correctly. As with any tool, misuse will lead improper results.

Q. Do dreadlocks damage your scalp / thin your hair / lead to balding / kill people?

A. Um… no? If anything like that is happening to you then you’re doing it wrong.

Q. Will I have to shave my head to get rid of my dreadlocks?

A. Unfortunately, you will need to cut your dreadlocks out as they can’t be “unlocked”. Luckily there are plenty of lociticians and hairstylists who can transition your dreadlocks into a different hairstyle.

Q. Can toothpaste, peanut butter, honey, or candle wax be used for dreadlocks?

A. Why would you rub various household items in your hair when you can use the correct Divine Hand & Hook method?