How To Make Dreadlocks Properly

Have you read our page “How Not To Dreadlock Your Hair“? If not, we’ll start off by telling you what to avoid…

The more common method involves backcombing or twisting and ripping the hair to get it to “matt” up. In some salons chemicals are added and then your dread is rolled and other lock products are added, such as lock peppa or wax. What you get isn’t really dreadlocks at all, just a bunch of sticky, matted hair that can become loose again. That’s not worth the hundreds of dollars you pay at a salon, or even the price of a the crappy products some websites try to sell you for you to do it yourself.

If you want beautiful, neat, tight, permanent dreads without painful back-combing for hours, without the horrible chemicals, without the salon price, and without the YouTube videos spreading misinformation and bad habits then you’ve come to the right website!


So How Do You Get Dreadlocks?

We matt each clean strand of hair using our hands and a comb then pass a 0.6mm crochet hook through almost every millimeter of each strand to pull the hairs from the outside to the inside, thus creating a strong and permanent LOCK.  This is then repeated down the length of the dread with the utmost care until all the hair is neatly, tightly & permanently locked!

This method is called the “DIVINE HAND & HOOK” (DH&H) and it is best way to get dreads. It’s also the most thorough hook method around.

Crochet hook dreadlocking has increased in popularity since 2010 due to videos on YouTube and word of mouth, but often hook Locticians’ only lock each strand about 50%, leaving some areas of the dread unlocked. Some hairdressers now pick up a hook at the end of the backcombing process and pass it through each dread a few times, but anything less than very thorough hook locking means the dread still isn’t “locked” properly. What it does mean, is that there is still room for the dread to lock, the dread will still be a bit squishy and will be much more fragile than if it were locked more thoroughly. Dreads locked anything less than 80% with a hook, will get fluffy quickly, are at risk of loosening up or coming open and thus need more work to ensure they become nice, tight, permanent dreads.

At Divine Dreadlocks we pass the hook through 90 – 100% of the dread to ensure they become instant permanent dreadLOCKS right from day one. Not dreaded dreads. This means your new dreads won’t get loose, don’t get fluffy fast and don’t need much maintenance in comparison to dreads made with other methods.

The Divine Dreadlocks MOTO is providing the highest quality dread work at excellent prices to ensure everyone is happy! And our MISSION is to teach as many people as possible the “Divine Hand & Hook” all natural method of dreadlocking to ensure that even people who can’t afford to get dreads made by a quality Loctician can get divine dreads with the help of some friends by using one of our great online courses.