How Not To Dreadlock Your Hair

The Usual Suspect: Wax.

The most common method of making dreadlocks with wax is uncomfortable, expensive, time-consuming, difficult, and causes unnecessary waste – and worse dreadlocks anyway! This way of rolling with wax takes months or even years before you have tight dreads. It’s also harder to know what size or style your dreads will end up being.

Wax is just gross anyway. If wax can help stick a surfer to his surfboard it can definitely stick all types of junk to your hair. This is why there is such a big misconception that dreadlocks are dirty! Not to mention that wax will get everywhere, ruining your clothes, pillows, car seats! Oh, and your skin.

Horrible Chemicals!

The second most common method of making dreads is to wrap them up and soak them in toxic perming solution. This isn’t good for your health, hair, or the environment! This method can damage your hair and scalp, with residue possibly remaining in your hair and on your skin long after. Because they damage the hair, they don’t even look that good – they more often look dull and lifeless.

So What’s The Right Way To Make Dreadlocks?!

The best way to make dreadlocks is using the Divine Hand & Hook Method, a method based around using a Thai crochet hook that is quick and rewarding, requiring less maintenance than more common methods, and less of an investment!