Dreadlocks are not just a fashion statement but a lifestyle. So what the question really begs to have answered is this: Are you too old to live?

Long before Bob Marley and Rastafarianism, Dreadlocks have been worn by different cultures like Indians with their dreadlocked deity Shiva, Egyptians who have been found to have mummified remains with dreadlocked hair, Germanic tribes, Vikings and monks of Ethiopia. All these anchor in their belief of two things: dreadlocks prevent a person’s life energy from escaping through the top of their head and it demonstrates the non-relevance of physical appearances and vanity.

Contrary to what pop-culture insinuates, having dreadlocks are not only for the young. Choosing to wear dreadlocks is choosing your own personal journey whether you’re barely over 13 or a few years short of 80. Unless your head has not a single strand of hair, then getting dreads should not be a decision dictated by the opinion of other people. Whether you’re a Rastafari, a mummified Egyptian, or just plain tired of spending hours combing your hair, it’s always up to you to engage in your own personal journey of the dreadlocks life.

For one, it’s your personal opinion that really matters. If you think you’re too old for this lifestyle, then you probably are. Most dread heads today have a variety of reasons for going for it, some do it mainly because it’s cool, others do it because it’s easy to maintain and can be styled a lot of ways, there are also those who do it because their genetics give them no choice, but mostly they do it for spiritual reasons.

Your hair is your crowning glory, what you choose to do with it is a decision you have to make for yourself. If living with dreads is a personal journey you would want to take, live it!