There’s a lot of services out there for finding people such as regular hairdressers, massage parlours, and tattoo shops, but there aren’t that many ways of easily finding your closest Dread-Loctician, until now! We’ve decided that we need to make it as easy as possible for you to find a trained and certified Loctician that you can trust.

We’ve decided to curate a list of Hand & Hook qualified Locticians to create our complete world-wide¬†Loctician Directory. We’ll make it crystal clear now that the directory only contains Locticians that use the natural Hand & Hook method as that’s the only method that we strongly recommend, and it’s also the only method for which you can be certified for here in Australia.

If you’re a Loctician and would like to learn more about how our directory works and how Locticians are added, please use the Contact Page.

Much love!